My Ass Fetish.
(Story 2) Handicap Match

So a friend of mine asked him if I could right him a story. Here is my attempt, because i’ve never used a furry before. Who knows, you might enjoy it.

          “Good evening gentleman, have we got a special match for you kinky folks. In a couple moments, we’ve got a special handicap match. Masked Wolf will be placed in the ring, taking on Rikishi and Big Show!” The men standing around the arena begin to cheer with excitement. A new underground wrestling league had just opened up., It opened its arms to anyone who was willing to go the distance. The underground league was one like never before, an exotic, explicit wrestling league, no rules, no limits, and above all else, no boundaries.  “Let’s get started!”

        “Introducing your first competitor weighing in at 200lbs, Masked Wrestler!” A large wolf like man is seen walking down the entrance ramp. He grabs a hold of the ropes and jumps into the ring. He stands a little less than six feet tall and raises his paws into the air. The crowd goes wild with excitement. He large blue fur wraps around his body, like a skin tight costume, which allows for his muscles to shine through. His wrestling trunks have a large hold cut out in the back that allows for his tail to move without any restraint. He turns his attention towards the entrance and waits for his opponents.

        “Now, introducing the opponents, with a combined weight of 920 lbs, Rikishi and Big Show.” The two men slowly walk down to the ring side by side. The crowd screams with excited as the two head for the ring. The two men’s attire seems to be in sync. Both men are wearing large black thongs that cover the frontal areas of their bodies, but ride up their ass, which allows for of their ass cheeks to be shown. The two climb into the ring and raise their arms into the air which gains the crowds excitement. The masked wrestler backs up into the corner and eyes the two men. After their done cheering they walk to the middle of the ring and stare down the masked wrestler. After a few seconds of anticipation, the bell rings which signals the start of the match.

        The Masked Wrestler is caught off guard as Rikishi runs over to him and thumps him in the chest with his ass. The force from the impact causes Masked Wrestler to fall onto his back. Rikishi and Big Show surround the Masked Wrestler as he is down, and begin to stomp on him. After several seconds, Masked Wrestler finally takes the initiative and begins to counter against them. He uses his tail to wrap around one of Big Show’s legs and pulls him to the ground, while he uses his arms to trip Rikishi. He gets to his feet and pulls Big Show up into a standing position. He grabs his arms and irish whips him into the ropes. He charges toward Big Show, turns himself around, and jumps into the air. His butt hits Big Show’s chest and causes him to fall out of the ring. Masked Wrestler turns his attention towards Rikishi.

        He walks over to Rikishi and lifts him to his feet. He wraps his arms around Rikishi’s chest and performs a belly to belly suplex, and slams Rikishi onto the mat. He hovers over Rikishi’s chest for a few seconds and then drops his butt onto Rikishi’s chest. The referee comes over and begins to count 1….2.Rikishi uses his hands and is able to throw Masked Wrestler off him. Masked Wrestler backs into a corner and waits as Rikishi stumbles onto his feet. Just as Rikishi finally gets to his feet, Masked Wrestler charges after Rikishi and spears him to the ground. He sits on Rikishi’s chest and begins to swing at his face. After ten seconds, the referee signals for Masked Wrestler to get off of Rikishi.  Masked Wrestler gets up and focuses his attention on Rikishi. He is caught off guard as Big Show grabs him from behind and slams him face first into the mat. Big Show sit on the Masked Wrestler’s back and grabs hold of his arms and begins to pull them backwards, cause Masked Wrestler to scream from the pain. After about thirty seconds the Referee signals the Big Show to release his hold. Big Show reluctantly gets up off Masked Wrestler. Masked wrestler slowly rises to his feet. Rikishi walks over and grabs him by the arms. He attempts to throw him into a corner turnbuckle, but Masked Wrestler reverses the move and throws Rikishi instead. Big Show rushes over to aid Rikishi, but instead Masked Wrestler throws Big Show into the corner turnbuckle with Rikishi.  Masked Wrestler slowly walks over to his opponents and turns himself around. He ass is placed in front of Big Show’s crotch, while Big Show’s ass is placed in front of Rikishi’s crotch. It was as if they were creating a train. Masked Wrestler trusts his pelvis forward and then back, hitting causing both Rikishi and Big Show to be hit in the crotch.  Masked wrestle walks forward a little bit and Big Show stumbles forward. He turns himself around grabs Big Show and throws him into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Rikishi stands in the corner buckle cringing from the pain in his pelvic area.

        Masked Wrestler walks to the middle of the ring and stares at his two opponents. He charges at Rikishi and his him in the chest area, with his ass. Rikishi falls into a sitting position from the pain. Masked Wrestler runs to the other turnbuckle and slams his ass into Big Show’s chest causing him to fall into a sitting position as well. The crowd begins to scream with excited, as they are anticipating the next move. The masked wrestler slowly walks over to Rikishi and turns himself around, Masked Wrestler’s ass hovering a few inches from Rikishi’s face. Masked wrester thrusts backward and begins to rub his ass in Rikishi’s face. Rikishi tries to resist, so masked Wrestler uses his tail to his advantage and wraps it behind Rikishi’s head. He uses it to hold Rikishi’s head in place, and pulls it closer to his ass. Rikishi’s face disappears between Masked Wrestler’s ass cheeks. Rikishi’s nose is pressed up against Masked Wrestler’s ass hole. The scent overwhelms Rikishi. Masked Wrestler begins to grind on Rikishi’s face. With each movement Rikishi’s face goes deeper and deeper into his ass. Fur begins to tickle Rikishi’s face. Rikishi opens his mouth in an attempt to breathe, rather than a breath of fresh air. Masked Wrestler begins to fart across Rikishi’s face. Masked Wrestler finally releases his grip of Rikishi. Rikishi rolls out of the ring and falls face first into the floor. He begins to gag and gasps for air.

       Meanwhile, Masked Wrestler walks over to Big Show and turns himself around. Big Show’s eyes widen as he stares at the massive ass in front of him. Without warning Masked Wrestler his tail around Big Show’s head and thrusts his ass backwards. Big Show begins to scream in horror, but the sound is instantly muffled by Masked Wrestler’s ass. Big Show wraps his arms around Masked Wrestler’s legs in an attempt to push him off, however his efforts are useless. Instead this aggravates Masked Wrestler. Masked Wrestler begins to flex his ass. Big Show can feel Masked Wrestler’s asshole slowly opening; he prepares himself for what is to come. Masked Wrestler begins to fart across Big Show’s face. This time, it’s loud enough for the audience to hear. The crowd screams with joy and begins to chant for the Masked Wrestler. A few minutes later, Masked Wrestler gets off of Big Show’s face and walks to the center of the ring. He looks over and sees Rikishi lying on the floor still gagging from the stinkface, and then turns his attention to Big Show.  Big Show’s eyes are filled with anger as he rises to his feet.

      Masked Wrestler charges at Big Show and attempts to clothesline him. Big Show ducks underneath the clothesline, and Masked Wrestler runs past him. As Masked Wrestler turns around, Big Show lifts his foot and kicks Masked Wrestler across the face. In an instant masked wrestler falls onto the ground, dazed and confused.  Big Show grabs a hold of Masked Wrestler and drags him over to the corner turnbuckle. He takes his attire off, and throws it into the crowd. Big show smiles at his downed opponent and slowly walks over to him. He turns himself around and hovers his ass a few inches from Masked Wrestler’s face. He slaps ass cheeks a couple of times and begins to swing them around, as if taunting Masked Wrestler. He wraps his arms around his ass cheeks and pulls them apart from one another and thrusts backwards. Masked Wrestler’s nose immediately gets swallowed into Big Show’s hairy ass.  Big Show continues to trust backwards causing Masked Wrestler’s head to hit against the turnbuckle over and over. It’s as if Masked Wrestler’s face is glued to Big Show’s ass. Just as Masked Wrestler did to Big Show, Big Show begins to fart across Masked Wrestler, pressing deep into his nose making sure he gets a chance to really savor the flavor.  After several minutes, Big Show finally gets off of Masked Wrestler.

       To add more insult to injury, Big Show turns himself around and hangs his crotch in front of Masked Wrestler. He trusts forward and begins to swing from side to side cause his cock to slap Masked Wrestler across the face. The crowd screams with excitement. Rikishi climbs into the ring and takes of ­­his attire. Big Show grabs a hold of Masked Wrestler and drags him to the center of the ring. He wraps his arms under Masked Wrestlers and grabs hold of his head. Rikishi walks over and bends himself over.  Big Show immediately shoves Masked Wrestler’s head into Rikishi’s ass. Rikishi begins to move up and down, while Big Show continues to push Masked Wrestler face deeper and deeper. After several moments, Big Show lets go of his grasp, and Masked Wrestler falls to the ground. Rikishi grabs a hold of Masked Wrestler and drags him into close to the corner turnbuckle. Big Show walks over and climbs to the top of the ropes. He bounces a couple times and then jumps off and lands his ass on Masked Wrestler’s crotch. Masked Wrestler screams from the pain. Rikishi climbs onto the turnbuckle as well and begins to bounce off the ropes. He crashed onto Masked Wrestler’s face with his ass. The two men sit bare naked on Masked Wrestler as the referee comes over. He begins to count off the pin 1….2….3. The bell rings ending the match. However Rikishi and Big Show continue to sit on Masked Wrestler without moving.

       Several minutes later the two man get off of Masked Wrestler. Masked Wrestler struggles to breathe for air. Rikishi and Big Show grab hold of Masked Wrestler and drag him backstage. They seem to have more fun in store for Masked Wrestler.

So, did you like my story? Should I continue? Also if you have any ideas about what I should write next, send me a message. Hope to hear from you. :P

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